Coming to Bel Air, Maryland
October 8-9, 2022

ERRF is Coming!

The East Coast RepRap Festival (ERRF) invites all community members connected to 3D printing to join us and celebrate the diversity throughout our community and industry. We are inviting companies and individuals to bring out their 3D printers and projects big & small. Bring your passion for 3D and share your creations with our community!  This is not a trade show, but a community powered 3D printing people connecting weekend!


Let’s celebrate the freedom to create in 3D with a special emphasis on innovative applications and all the oddities related to 3D printing. 3D geeks and nerds unite, sign up today to attend! See you at the event!!!

Volunteers Needed!

Want free entry into ERRF and a free shirt?  All you have to do is volunteer a few hours of your time to help us keep the event running smoothly!  Fill out the below form and Nick will be in touch!

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